January 2018

it’s cold out there !

The 2017 festive season has come and gone and we have moved into the new year and are back to the winter doldrums . We have had our annual January thaw and truth be told , on Saturday just past it felt more like March than January .

It was a much needed break in what seemed to be snow , snow and more snow. Daily snow blowing of paths and driveway had become de rigueur  and I was not enjoying it much . It has been bitterly cold on top of all the snow, so a total melt  and a bit of warmth was a relief. Of course, now , we will get our second dose of winter and it has started today . Streamers off Lake Huron are coating the ground with the white stuff again ….and so it goes. 

March 5, 2018

Since writing the above , we have had a couple more  thaws and snows again.  Tomorrow it is calling for more snow …..SIGH!….., I am ready for the gardening season to begin.  It can’t get here fast enough to suit me . 

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