Random Daylily Garden Images

I thought I would share a few pics (in no particular order ) of the daylily gardens at various stages thru the season . I grow many, many plants such as spring bulbs , iris , peonies , poppies, etc. and would not be without them but my heart truly belongs to the Daylily. I discovered daylilies by accident when looking for plants that could withstand the miserable drought we get every year .

Daylilies are the MOST versatile plant I grow . Iris are beautiful but of course suffer from iris borer and so to grow them requires a lot of maintenance .

Other plants produce lovely blooms but for the most part are all similar with perhaps just a small variation in color . The daylily is the one plant requiring the least amount of time investment for the most return . The daylily is a “plant and grow” plant more or less. They don’t need much maintenance and most can grow for 5 years without needing to be divided.

Daylilies are the Jewels in the Crown so to speak. Not only do they grow in a myriad of colors from cream to chocolate to orange and purple and red and just about every color in between but they come in a variety of shapes…bagel , spider , spider variant and unusual forms .

Daylilies can be 10″ tall to 6 feet tall , grow small 2″ blooms to large 10″ blooms and can be a very tailored bloom or have numerous adornments i.e. teeth, chicken fat, eyes , patterned eyes , and pleated throats just to mention a few . What more could you ask for?