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Daylily orders……..Once again, let me welcome you to my daylily hobby gardens! We are located in South Western Ontario Canada about 40 minutes west of London OntarioSeedling (2) The one thing you can absolutely count on when growing daylilies and other plants is that they will increase and once they have increased then it is necessary to find new homes for some plants.

Thus, we are offering some of the plants for sale. See something you like? You can email us to confirm if the plants you would like are available before sending any funds.

Simply send an email to:

We will do our best to get back to you the same day.


Plants are sold as double fans “DF” unless specifically indicated with an “SF” for  single fan or C for clump .

SHIPPING : Shipping starts in May and will continue until the end of June weather permitting and then again in August for fall shipment . Shipping is via Canada Post Expedited Post  or Fedex , whichever is the most appropriate for your situation.

If you wish to pick up , we will provide directions with your confirmed order.


East Coast – Newfoundland , Prince Edward Island , New Brunswick, Nova Scotia:$30 for up to 10 plants plus $1 dollar per double fan

Quebec- Ontario : $20 for up to 10 plants plus $1 per double fan

Manitoba , Saskachewan , or Alberta: $25.00 for up to `10 plants  + $1.00 per double fan 

B.C: $30.00 for up to 10 plants + $1.00 per double fan

Payment by cheque or money order please (if ordering daylilies by mail) , by cash if picking up daylilies in person. We are not equipped to handle credit cards as this is just a hobby.

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS  (on hold during Covid 19)

We can now ship to the US as long as your state permits imports of daylilies . We will count on you to check out the regulations for your state and provide us with this information . Some states do not permit importing of daylilies ( one example is California ). American funds taken at par.

This process requires a Canadian government issued Phyto Certificate which means the plants have been prepared for shipment meeting all the requirements of the importing state/country and inspected by an agricultural agent and the proper paperwork prepared. There is an additional charge of $25 for this procedure plus shipping will be actual cost depending on what method you prefer.  Minimum international plant order total must be $150.00 before these charges. 


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Domestically ,   minimum  total purchase  of plants is  $75 before shipping costs.  We will include a daylily as a gift plant (our choice) for orders of $75 or more .  Suggestions of a couple of daylily cultivars that interest you are welcome. We will try our hardest to fulfill your request.

If you have any questions at all about this process or our plants please feel welcome to ask. We will do our best to help.


2 thoughts on “Daylily Order/Contact Us

  1. Heather helped me with my order and, when the daylilies arrived, they were in wonderful shape and adapted very well to my garden. The incredible care she took in preparing my plants for shipment really paid off and so I will definately order from Heather again! Louise, Port Hope

  2. I received my well packaged order today and they look wonderful. From Ontario to BC in a week, with most fans very green and a a nice plump size. Thank-you Heather!

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