Hard to believe but another year has come and gone. It was a rough year in the gardens .

Seedling (2)
The year started off with lots of rain and things looked great, but late frosts damaged a lot of the plants and I am not sure they ever fully recovered .
garden in springThen starting in May 2016 the weather got hotter and the ground started to dry up ……the drought continued well into September. The daylilies were stunted and although many of them bloomed , some daylilies just refused to show their faces .

I added quite a number of new daylilies in early spring. Normally they would have bloomed even as newly installed daylilies , however many of them did not bloom due to the extreme drought . Then, in late September we got rain , lots of it . It was very wet and warm and the warm weather extended right into November.

This winter so far has been wet and unusually warm until now . We have only about 2 inches of snow but now the bitter winter weather has descended upon us .

back yard january 12 2016The daylilies will hopefully survive with what little snow cover we have but truthfully the snow cover is hardly worth mentioning .

Wiarton Willy, our local groundhog, said yesterday that we are in for an early spring . I hope we don’t experience the same scenario as last spring with the killing frosts moving in after the plants have begun to really grow . I have my fingers crossed we won’t go through  the same horrendous drought that we did this past season but only time will tell.

They say gardeners are forever optimists …and I think that must be true. I am planning on adding more daylilies again this spring and I am spending this long, long very grey winter planning and dreaming about just how lovely they will all be when they bloom .
back garden july 18 2016 number 2



THE YEAR IN REVIEW April 4 2015 – January 22,2016

(Well ok, almost a year!)This past year has certainly been a year for learning how all this website business works.

I have to admit it is an interesting, never dull process but I also have to admit it is time-consuming, sometimes frustrating and ultimately satisfying when I actually accomplish what I set out to do. Preparing pictures to add to the website and actually getting them placed where they need to go has taken me some time and I have many  more to do but I am learning as I go along.

picture of back garden

I hope anyone visiting the site will bear with the slow progress and changes as I go along . The site will get updated as I sort out daylily images, edit them and post them for your review. As slow as it might seem, I am working as fast as I can to add images and information about the daylilies I . I am trying to make your visit as informative and pleasurable as possible 
I utimately would like to have the site be an easy to read,  informative place with good images of daylilies that I grow. I would appreciate any and all feedback. august 26 2015 013
So for now, I will say thanks for dropping by.

If I can answer any of your questions please feel free to drop a note. I would love to hear from you


The name reflects how this whole thing has come together ……that is ….the gardens, the images and finally the website …….at a snail’s pace.After much work and trial and error I am ready to have the public view the site, so please feel free to take a look around. Perhaps you will find something that interests you, something you simply can’t live without!

I have been collecting daylilies for about 10 years and talked about putting together a website for many of those years. There was only one thing stopping me, I had no clue how to do it.

I received the gift of this website for Christmas 2014……and with the help of my very computer savvy son I am finally able to say ………..

front gate 2


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