THE YEAR IN REVIEW April 4 2015 – January 22,2016 in my daylily gardens (well ok, almost a year!)This past year has certainly been a year for learning how all this website business works.

I have to admit it is an interesting, never dull process but I also have to admit it is time consuming,
sometimes frustrating and ultimately satisfying when I actually accomplish what I set out to do. Preparing pictures to add to the website and actually getting them placed where they need to go has taken me some time and I have many more to do but I am learning as I go along .

picture of back garden

I hope anyone visiting the site will bear with the slow progress and changes as I go along . The site will get updated as I sort out daylily images , edit them and post them for your review. As slow as it might seem, I am working as fast as I can to add images and information about the daylilies I grow . I am trying to make your visit as informative and pleasurable as possible .
I ultimately would like to have the site be an easy to read , informative place with good images of daylilies that I grow . I would appreciate any and all feedback . august 26 2015 013
So for now , I will say thanks for dropping by .

If I can answer any of your questions please feel free to drop a note . I would love to hear from you

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