March 2019

Welcome to another new year . 

Here  presently we are entering into the second week of March  2019  with  no break  from the  winter weather that has been brutalizing our area for the last 2 months .  I guess we are paying for a mild November .  Maybe climate change is moving our seasons ahead a month .  I don’t know , all I do know,  is , I am ready for spring and Wiarton Willie promised it would be soon ……..but I think he fibbed. 

Our weather this winter has been totally unexpected.  Little to no snow , unbelievably  cold temps then warmer weather coupled with  lots of freezing rain.  It is a wonder anything can survive these conditions.  The dogs are suffering from cabin fever as am I , and I stroll the gardens hoping for signs of spring.  I guess it will get here when it gets here .  

Anyway , welcome , take a look around , enjoy the blooms .  Surely spring and all its color  is on its way ! 

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